Spill The TEA

Favorite Things & Other Crap We Tried (20)

September 12, 2022 TEA Sisters- Tracy, Kerri, Jennifer, Jodie, Mary Season 2 Episode 7
Spill The TEA
Favorite Things & Other Crap We Tried (20)
Show Notes

Who doesn't love an honest review of a product that promises to change your life??? Join our co-hosts as they Spill the Tea about a few things they have tried lately. Find something life-changing or maybe find something that isn't worth your time. Grab a cup of tea- we saved a seat for you! Be prepared for a very intimate conversation about using a menstrual cup.

In this episode, we took a look at the products below. 
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Burn After Writing Journal by Sharon Jones
Garden of Life Vegan Collagen
The Diva Cup
Veggie Chopper
OUT White Brite
The Pink Stuff
Neck Fan
Stitch Fix
Jar Opener
Tineco Stick Vac
Spirit Drawing with Belinda Knight (ad partner)

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